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A Four Step Guide to Creating Your Own Website

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You don?t have to have a Web geek?s know-how or deep pockets to create and post your own ministry site on the Internet. You can use your home page to post...

  • a complete schedule of ministry events and activities;
  • photos of kids at your events and programs;
  • ads for upcoming special events;
  • stories about your group members? spiritual growth, prayer needs, and accomplishments;
  • a Bible-reading schedule;
  • links to Christian Web sites;
  • an email directory of your kids, so they can easily connect with each other; and
  • your own chat room where you, your adult volunteers, and your kids can interact with each other.

So how do you build your own site? Here?s how to do it for free.

1. Begin with the end in mind
. In his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, author Stephen Covey says effective people can envision what they want down the line. So first you?ll need to decide what audience to target. Is it simply young people from your church? What about other kids in your community, state, nation, or even the world? Dream big.

2. Plan. Decide what?s important to have on your site
. What?s your objective? Find out by creating an ad-hoc youth group Internet task force made up of adults and teenagers. Brainstorm ideas, and then decide on your format.

3. Design
. Visit other youth group Web sites for design ideas. You?ll find links to youth group home pages on both group?s new portal site at youthministry.com and at youthspecialties.com. Then you?ll need to choose a free Web provider to start building your site. Unless you know how to write HTML code, find a provider that allows you to design without that skill. Try tripod.com, geocities.com, ilovejesus.com, or my favorite, homestead.com?it comes equipped with a Web site builder.

On the other hand, if you have an Internet account it likely came with free Web space. Check with your Internet service provider.

4. Change your content often
. Your kids will visit your site more often if you update it regularly. So in with the new content and out with the old. And you can draw more people to your site by linking to Christian music and book online stores and to other youth groups,


Used my permission, Group Magazine, Copyright September/October, 2000, Group Publishing, Inc., Box 481, Loveland, CO 80539.

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