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Ten Tips to Spice Up Your Youth Room

Paul Evans

1 - Wild Welcome Center

What is the first thing guests see when they enter your youth room? What impression do you think they receive? Well, you know what they say, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression." Get a couple of your friendliest teens and station them at the door to warmly welcome visitors. Have a table set up as a welcome area that has resources about your group such as newsletters, class outlines, etc. Also, ask that they fill out a card with their address so you can keep them informed of upcoming events. Hey, while you're at it, offer some light refreshments.

2 - Youth Group Posters

Most youth rooms adorn their walls with contemporary bands, Christian sayings, and bulletin boards that haven't been changed since 1953. Be different. Take some photos of your group to a local copy shop and get them blown up to poster size. To take the idea a step further, ask the shop what software they use with their equipment. Find someone in the church who has the same software, scan the pictures, change the background, rearrange the people, and add your own headline.

3 - Themed D?cor

Does your group have a particular name or a verse they love? Why not use it as the theme for your room? Let's say the group has adopted the sermon on the mount. You could decorate the room with a mountain theme, or maybe even like a jungle. Your praise time could be called Jungle Jams. You could do lessons about Jesus the King of the Jungle. When you have refreshments you can call the sodas Jungle Juice. (Okay, so it's possible to take the theme too far. Just use common sense and make the room fun.)

4 - Logo Logistics

Use, use, use, use, use, use your logo everywhere. Put it on postcards, visitor cards, posters, letterhead, business cards, apparel, bulletin boards, worship sheets, class outlines, and on anything else your group uses to be seen. You'll know you have reached logo saturation when the church refers to the teens no longer as the "youth group," but by "whatever your logo is."

5 - Media Center

Parents are constantly worried about what their kids are listening to and watching. Provide a Christ-rated environment. Let the teens donate their favorite Christian artists and movies to the media center and then open it at certain hours during the week for teens to come be together for spiritual music and wholesome videos.

6 - Crash Corner

Make your room cozy by setting up house in one corner. Arrange a couple of couches or recliners (love seats may be risky). Create a place to relax before class begins. If space allows, think about calling one of the soda giants to install a fountain machine. Add a microwave and some popcorn and your crash corner will turn into a smash corner.

7 - Games

Religion is such serious business for some that they forget to have fun. Let your teens know fun is on God's agenda by providing games in the room to share your time together. You would be surprised at the number of people willing to donate a foosball or pool table as well as other fun stuff. When people volunteer their board games go ahead and count all the pieces. And as a final precautionary note: stay away from Twister; the church leaders never understand how it ties in with fellowship.

8 - Creative Lighting

Brighten your room with floor lamps, stage lighting,? spot lights,? black lights, flash lights, candles, Christmas lights, or a combination.

9 - Surprise Set-Ups

Let your room match the lesson. For example, if you decided to study the Lord's prayer and used Max Lucado's book The Great House of God as a reference, you could set up according to the prayer sections. When you talk about the Lord giving us our daily bread, set up the room like a kitchen. You'll get a lot of visitors coming to see your room. And, who knows, they might actually listen to the lesson as well.

10 -?Teen Spice

Get your group together and put them in charge of the entire room. Give them the parameters of? what may and may not be done, then get out of the way!


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