"For Those Who Are Passionate About Reaching The Younger Generation"


"No time in teaching is spent more profitably than that spent in reviewing. Other things being equal, the ablest and most successful teacher is the one who secures from his pupils the most frequent, thorough, and interesting reviews."> (Milton Gregory, The Seven Laws of Teaching, p. 116)

Last week, you may have dished out a large bowl of provocative thoughts. During the week, they have been digesting it. Perhaps the events of the week challenged or underlined one or two points. A review gives students a chance to rethink the material from this fresh vantage point and lodge the concepts more securely in their minds.

A review can also help you evaluate your own effectiveness. If they remember very little, (don�t expect them to remember your entire outline; hope and pray they absorb key principles) ask yourself why. You may need to reevaluate your teaching methods, or double your prayer efforts.

And as Gregory suggested, shoot for "interesting" reviews. Often a well-done skit or discussion question can review better than merely listing the key points.