"For Those Who Are Passionate About Reaching The Younger Generation"


Whenever I teach on a new topic (such as "materialism"), my first order of business is to find what the Bible says about the topic. Here�s how I do it:

1. Find all the Bible references I can, sorting them according to the information they give me about the topic. (See article: How to Find Verses)

2. Write down the references on separate sheets of paper (or sections of your paper), sorting them according to what they say about the topic. Here are two examples:


Sheet #1 � The Dangers Of Materialism

Sheet #2 � The Way of Escape

Sheet #3 � Defining Materialism


Sheet #1 - Why Witness

Sheet #2 - Who Should Witness

Sheet #3 - Hindrances to Witnessing

Sheet #4 - How To Witness

3. >Narrow down which which verses you will use in your teaching.

4. >Study each verse you want to use, making sure to understand each verse in its context.

5. >Apply the truths to your own life.

6. >Develop your message.

  1. Decide which points to emphasize, based upon your student�s needs.
  2. Form your teaching outline.
  3. Add illustrations.
  4. Pray, pray, pray.

7. File the study away so you can add to it in the future. A message is never finished until you die!