"For Those Who Are Passionate About Reaching The Younger Generation"

Training the Next Generation of Teachers

While some students have such responsibilities as driving cars, working a part time job, and putting together the school�s year book, many of us forget to put their abilities to work in our ministries. Some youth have the gift of teaching, but they may never know it if we don�t provide opportunities for them to exercise the gift. Here are some ideas on giving them opportunities.

Regularly allow youth to share what God is doing in their lives, or to share their salvation testimonies with the group. The less formal share times can pave the way for more formal opportunities.

Some churches have a "Youth Sunday," where youth lead the church�s Sunday School classes. Still a great idea.

Take advantage of youth mission trips to train youth in teaching skills, so that they can use the skills as they teach Backyard Bible Clubs, etc.

Schedule a regular day (quarterly?) when youth take over the teaching of your youth meeting. Take the time you would have spent preparing and help them prepare messages. Since a full 30 minute message may be overwhelming, schedule three youth to share ten minutes each. Even if a message is relatively boring, ten minutes is bearable. But I have never been disappointed and have been consistently impressed by their skill. And realizing the guts it takes to share before a group, their fellow youth are very forgiving of mistakes and usually respond very well. (I preface the talks by sternly demanding the utmost respect from the listeners.)

Ask youth, "what is something the Lord has been teaching you that you feel the youth group needs to hear?" Have them prepare an outline and share it with you a week prior to their teaching. Take notes when they speak, expecting God to speak to you through them. Tell them afterward what you learned. One youth worker lets his youth lead every other week.