"For Those Who Are Passionate About Reaching The Younger Generation"


How much interpretive material should be used in your message? My answer: only as much as you need to understand the passage and make your point. My pet peeve: teachers who delight in explaining in detail the origins of a word and the meaning of each of its parts, only to conclude that it means what was already obvious in my English version.

Watch how Jesus, Paul, and other New Testament authors use the Old Testament. If simply referring to a clear Old Testament text proved the point, they didn't bore us with the contextual and grammatical minutia.

I study a verse until I�m comfortable that I�ve grasped its meaning. Out of respect for the Word I dare not flippantly quote verses without doing my best to understand them. I may have pages of study notes. But come teaching time, my students will only hear insights that help explain or make the passage live. Usually, I find it adequate to simply read the verse in an accurate, understandable version.