Dave Thomas Finds a Mentor

Dave was an adopted child who dropped out of high school and drifted from one low-paying job to another. A loser? Not by a long shot. A mentor changed his life. While working at a barbecue restaurant in Fort Wayne, Indiana he met Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame. Sanders taught Dave what he knew about the restaurant business. In fact, Dave was so successful that he took four failing KFC restaurants, turned them around, and sold them back to the Colonel for $1.5 million dollars. By 1968, Dave Thomas was a millionaire without a even a high school diploma. But that didn?t stop him from opening his first restaurant, Wendy?s Old Fashioned Hamburgers in Columbus, named after his daughter. The restaurants now number 4,000. And it all started with having the right mentor. Finally, in 1993, he went back to receive his high school equivalency certificate. ? Copyright 2002 CK Miller - All Rights Reserved (Written from January 8, 2002, Chicago Tribune.)

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