William Carey's Zeal

William Carey, pioneering missionary to India, diligently labored his entire 40+ years on the field. His famous quote: ?Expect great things from God?attempt great things for God? characterized his life. His ability and zeal for language acquisition and translation were nothing short of incredible. He had not yet been in India a full year when he wrote in a letter, ?I intend to send you soon a copy of Genesis, Matthew, Mark and James in Bengali. Also a small vocabulary and grammar of the language in manuscript of my own composing.? He did this while maintaining a job (though not a job with great time demands) (William Carey, by Finnie, p. 81) And later in his ministry, his schedule: ?He would be at work by six in the morning, after a short time for private devotion, followed by family prayers in Bengali for the servants.? Then, a quick breakfast ?before settling down to the translation of the moment. At ten o?clock he would be off to the College where his classes kept him till two in the afternoon. Back at his lodgings there would be Sanskrit translation and a study of one of the other languages he was learning. His day was not yet over. He would then preach in English to some forty people and when the congregation had dispersed he would fill in two hours on the Bengali translation, write a letter to a friend in England, and read a ?goodnight? message from his Greek New Testament, before probably just tumbling into bed! This was not an exceptional, but a typical day?. (p. 123) (Note: While a great example of zeal in ministry, one must wonder just where his wife and family figured into this zealous lifestyle.) Carey?s final days: ?His Bengali version was the one that lay nearest to his affection and he continued to revise it, not feeling that his work on it was finished until he had read the proofs of his eighth and final edition.? In the period of 39 years since he had arrived, he and his team had published complete Bibles, New Testaments, or separate books of Scripture in 44 languages and dialects. This represented not only great work on Carey?s part, but team work at the highest level. (p. 124) ? Copyright 2002 Steve Miller - All Rights Reserved

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