Intro to Astrology

A good introduction: Astrology is getting incredibly popular these days. A 1989 survey of first-year psychology students at the University of Queensland found that 70.4% of the women and 32.4% of the men agreed or strongly agreed that they always read the "stars" columns of their newspapers and magazines. (Svensen, 1990). According to an article in Life Magazine, astrology is ?experiencing its biggest boom in 400 years.? A recent poll found only 20% of Americans saying they flat out didn?t believe in it. Forty-eight percent believed that astrology was probably or definitely valid. That?s about half of us. The vast majority of newspapers carry horoscopes. And the number of professional astrologers in the States has increased five times in the last twenty years. Do you like to surf the Net? There are thousands of Web Sites on Astrology. You can even find a horoscope for your pet, or for Elvis! ? Copyright 2002 Steve Miller - All Rights Reserved

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