Singletary's Discipline in Football

Mike Singletary is one of the top professional football players in America, having been named Defensive Player of the Year twice. You?d think he must be huge to overpower others and make so many tackles, but he?s actually rather small for a person in his position (6ft. tall, c. 220 lbs). So how does he make so many tackles? It?s all in his preparation for the game. He watches game films of his opponents methodically, often running a single play fifty to sixty times, watching every player so carefully that when the ball is hiked, he can predict where the ball is going before the play develops. He can tell by the way one player is standing, by knowing the plays the coaches tend to call for when the time is running out. He shines on the field because of his incredible discipline when no one is watching. (Reworded from Hughes, Disciplines of a Godly man.)

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