FUD Factor - Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt

Satan Although Microsoft has done some incredibly great things business-wise, they have been accused of selling "vaporware" - software which they haven't yet developed, but announce it is soon coming out in order to get the competition to give up trying to beat them to the punch. In e-vocabulary, it's one thing that creates the "FUD Factor," - Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt, in the competition. (Source: p. 67, 68, Bill Gates Speaks, by Janet Lowe, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.) Isn't that what our spiritual competitor does to us? We want to make an impact for God, but then Satan introduces the "FUD Factor," whispering things like, "You'll just look like a fool when nobody attends your group." Or, "Nobody wants to listen to that religious stuff." Don't believe it.

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