Businessman Can't Believe He's a Sinner

"A businessman came to a popular pastor pastor to explain that he didn't really understand his need to get forgiveness from Jesus. Problem was he didn't see himself as a sinner. The conversation went something like this: Pastor: "Your a businessman. Do you ever get reimbursed for "expenses" you didn't actually spend?" Businessman: "Sure. It's the industry standard." Pastor: "Are you 100% honest concerning your income taxes." Businessman: "Well...the government takes so much, you've got to cut corners some way." Pastor: "Can you tell me that you've always been faithful to your wife when you're away from home." Businessman: "I'm a traveling businessman - on the road a lot. I'm sure you understand." Pastor: "Do you realize that you just told me that your a thief, a liar and an adulterer?" The businessman was shocked and probably offended to hear those words in reference to himself. But isn't it true? Have you ever looked at your own life and gotten really honest about your sin? You and I are sinners. You and I are so bad that we deserve an eternity separated from God. Have you ever faced that? You and I nailed Jesus to the cross. Do we really realize that? Only to the extent that we realize our own sinfulness can we fully appreciate Jesus' sacrifice for us.

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