Spiritual Gifts and Movie Credits

The Biblical picture of the church is that it is like a body, every part having a vital role to play. How many of you like to stay seated after a good movie, and watch the credits? I am fascinated by those credits. What I find is that a lot more people were involved in pulling off the movie than just a director and good actors. (Teacher: Get the youth involved with this. Ask them to name all the types of people they can think of who are involved in pulling off a movie. Perhaps suggest a recent popular movie to think about.) A secretary traced down the French government office that gave permission for and made arrangements for that scene at the Eiffel Tower. An efficient organizer put together the rooming. A caterer provided meals to save studio time. There were grips, key grips, writers, editors, stunt men. And without that awesome sound trac, even the best plot writer and actors couldn?t have captured our emotions. Before they added the sound trac to?Star Wars? some of the movers and shakers fell asleep watching the early version. Every part was needed to pull off the film. That?s exactly the way the church should operate. Every part (you and I) performing our part in order to fulfill the greatest plan of all human history. But sadly, often the church today is not like a body or a good movie. What if one Sunday, instead of having music during the offering, we pulled down a screen and ran the credits to see who all contributed to the work of God during the last week? How long would the list of credits be? Would your name be included? I?m afraid that most church members think that their part is to simply show up, and watch the show. (SM)

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