Stay in Your Gifts and Calling

On staying true to your gift and calling: When Billy Graham was asked to speak at Cambridge, one of the great intellectual centers of the world, the Bishop of Barking, who was a Cambridge grad, gave Graham some advice by letter. He wrote: "Do not regard these men as 'intellectuals.' Appeal to their need. So many preachers fail at this point when they speak to university men. So, Billy, keep to the wonderful clear simple message God has qualified you to preach." Yet, Graham proceeded to put his messages in an intellectual framework, and saw little impact. Feeling inadequate and helpless, he hit his knees and turned to God. Then he realized the truth of what the Bishop had written. His gift was to present the simple gospel. And that was the student's greatest need. From then on, he began to preach simply, and God worked mightily in the students' lives.

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