Foundation of the Sears Tower

Some people have never been grounded in their faith. They stand in danger of being blown away by peer pressure, or simply by their parents loosing interest in church. But as any architect knows, to build a secure building, you need to build a strong foundation. Take the Sears Tower in Chicago, for example. The world's tallest building, this incredible structure stands 1707 feet tall and is populated by 12,000 people. But we only see what?s on top, and never see the foundation that secures this huge structure. Its base is a full acre and the structure is supported by 114 rock caisons, each sunk as deep as the Statue of Liberty is tall, securely socketed into bedrock. A tall building must have a strong foundation. In the same way if you merely go to church because your friends go, or because your parents go, then your spiritual house is built on a flimsy foundation. Your foundation should be your own personal relationship with Christ, and that relationship needs to be deepened by the disciplines of prayer, bible study, fellowship, and ministry. ? Copyright 2002 Steve Miller - All Rights Reserved

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