Candy Object Lesson For Missions

Object lesson for those in lands where a large proportion have heard the gospel. Say, "I brought this candy to pass out to the group. Maybe now would be a good time. Who would like some?" But instead of passing it out evenly, just throw pieces to those on the front row, giving them three and four pieces each, and only occasionally throwing a piece out to those beyond the first row. In many groups, as the youth see you're getting down to the last of the candy, they will begin saying, "What about those of us in the back? We're not getting any!" Then explain to them. What I've done to you is exactly what we have been doing to unevangelized countries. We keep offering the gospel, by television, churches, and literature, to some people, over and over, while much of the world doesn't even have a nearby church to tell them of the gospel. What right do we have to hear the gospel over and over, when much of the world has never had the opportunity to hear it even once?

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