Successful Financiers

?In 1923 a group of the world?s most successful financiers met at the Edgewater Beach Hotel in Chicago. Present were: President of the largest independent steel company. The greatest wheat speculator. President of the New York Stock Exchange. A member of the President?s Cabinet. The greatest ?bear? in Wall Street. President of the Bank of International Settlements. Head of the world?s greatest monopoly. Collectively, these tycoons controlled more wealth than there was in the United States Treasury?and for years newspapers and magazines had been printing their success stories--urging youth to follow their examples. Twenty-five years later, let?s see what happened to these men! The President of the largest independent steel company?Charles Schwab?lived on borrowed money the last five years of his life?and died broke! The greatest wheat speculator?Arthur Cutten?died abroad?insolvent! The president of the New York Stock Exchange?Richard Whitney?was recently released from Sing Sing Prison. The member of the president?s Cabinet?Albert Fall?was pardoned from prison so that he could die at home. The greatest ?bear? in Wall Street?Jesse Livermore?committed suicide! The head of the world?s greatest monopoly?Ivar Krueger?committed suicide! (From Perspective: Devotional Thoughts For Men, by Richard Halverson, Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1957, p. 68)

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