A Topsy-Turvy Experiment

On renewing our minds over the years by reading the word, church, etc... In a fascinating experiment, scientists designed some glasses (which resembled binoculars) so that whoever wore them would see everything upside down. In the experiment, they asked several subjects to strap on a pair of the glasses and not take them off during their waking hours. At first, of course, they could hardly walk, or even sit upright. But after a few weeks, their brains adjusted and they were actually able to see things right-side up through the glasses. But when they took the glasses off, they saw everything upside down through their natural eyes. It took several additional weeks to recover. But that's sort of what it's like for people who come out of spiritual darkness into the light. Many things are reversed, such as ?we are weak when we are strong.? ?The first will be last and the last will be first.? So don't expect your vision to change overnight. It takes time: reading the Word, hanging out with other believers, attending church, and meeting with God in prayer, to renew our minds. ? Copyright 2002 Steve Miller - All Rights Reserved

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