Sean Experiences Grace

(This could be a skit) This story never happened, but if you can place yourself in the story and experience the feelings of Sean, you?ll begin to grasp today?s topic. Sean is a 9th grader who?s secretly crazy about (name the latest dream girl that guys generally concur is a babe) Brittany. He keeps track of her concert schedule so that he can snatch up the best seats whenever her band plays in a nearby town. He knows he has no chance to go out with her. He?s a nobody ?a lowly freshman in a nowhere town with no connections. He might as well be invisible at school. If he were to transfer out tomorrow, no one would care or even notice. He?s not athletic, academically inclined or physically attractive. Sean can?t even get the attention of the middle school girls in his neighborhood, much less a star. He knows he?s a loser. But hey, when it comes to Brittany, it never hurts to dream. So one evening after supper he?s listening to a CD on his bed when he gets this phone call from a girl who claims she?s Brittany. Now Sean may not be that bright, but he?s no idiot. He knows that the freshman cheerleaders are probably having a sleepover and making prank calls. His little sister must have ratted on him about the Brittany posters in his room. So he just plays along with the gag. The girl says, ?Hey Sean, I?ve seen you at several of my concerts and for some reason I couldn?t get you off my mind. So I had one of my bodyguards trace you down and get the scoop on you. He tells me you?re a pretty nice guy. I know this must seem weird with me calling you and stuff. But this Hollywood crowd is so artificial, so plastic. For just once I?d like to go out with a decent guy, talk about normal stuff and not have to worry about someone just using me to break into a music career.? So after about 20 minutes of small-talk, she makes her move. ?So Sean, would you like to get together sometime?? Sean, deciding to play along with the gag, replies?Well, let me look over my DayTimer?. (He flips some pages of a phone book to make some noise.) ?I?ve got Friday night free the week after next.? There?s a pause and she says, ?Looks good on my schedule too. I suppose you?re too young to drive. Mind if I pick you up at your place?? ?Sounds great!? says Sean. After they hang up he starts getting depressed. What kind of a future could a guy have who is always the end of someone?s joke? After a couple of weeks he sort of gets over it, although every time he hears some girls laughing in the lunchroom, he assumes they?re laughing at him. So come Friday night he?s at home trying to find a quiet room away from his 13-year-old sister?s friends, who are having a sleepover. Then the doorbell rings. His sister answers and all the sudden the giggly girls go silent. It?s one of those silences that?s so silent that it?s loud. You know what I mean? Sean walks into the living room to find Brittany standing there, surrounded by a bunch of speechless 13-year-old girls. She looks over to see Sean and asks, ?Well, are you ready?? A million thoughts race through his mind. ?Just a moment,? he says. Mm?mmm?make yourself at home. ?And Sis, could you and the girls keep Brittany company while I finish getting ready? He walks casually to his room, which becomes a tornado of activity to prepare for a date his wildest imaginations could have never dreamed possible. Do you know what Sean just experienced? The biblical word is ?grace.? There are several ways the word grace is used in the Bible, but one way is when a great, important person is willing to step down and help a lesser person who is in need. And what do you think is Sean?s emotional response when the girl of his dreams, a girl who?s totally out of his league, actually accompanies him on what turns out to be the first of many dates? (He?s totally blown away. He?s astonished. He?s amazed. He?s speechless.) And you know what? One of the foundational keys to living the Christian life is to understand just how much lower, how much less deserving we are than Sean, how much greater God is than Brittany, and how much more God went through to find us and have a relationship with us. If we truly grasp that, we?ll understand why John Newton wrote a song and named it ?Amazing Grace.? You?ll be so astounded, dumbfounded, and speechless that your life will never again be the same. (Steve Miller, from ?Grace? series in Legacy Curriculum)

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