Movie Clip: Les Miserables on Grace

(Leader: It would be more effective to use this actual clip. It is a powerful scene.) In a scene from the movie ?Les Miserables,? a released prisoner appears at the door of an elderly couple?s house, needing a place to stay. They allow him to spend the night. But during the night a vivid dream about the horror of his time in prison wakes him, leaving him in a state of panic. In desperation, he steals their silverware in order to be have enough money to make it to his destination. The old man awakes, catching him in the act. The thief knocks him to the floor, unconscious. In the next scene the police arrive at the old couple?s home with the stolen silverware and the hopeless thief in handcuffs. The police tell the old man the thief?s unbelievable story: that the silverware was given to him. The old man responds, ?I?m disappointed in you.? (And we all assume that his next words will condemn the man to return to the horrid prison. But instead, the old man shocks us with his response.) ?I?m disappointed because I told you to take the candle holders as well.? The police respond incredulously, ?So he was telling the truth?? ?Of course,? the old man replied. In shocked disbelief, the prisoner regains his freedom on the word of the old man. ? Copyright 2002 Steve Miller - All Rights Reserved

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