A Humiliated Principle and Grace

Imagine that Sunday you the spend night with a friend whose parents are out of town. You get into his father?s liquor, party all night, and begin ranting and raving about how the school?s a boring prison and someone needs to liven things up. So early Monday morning, thoroughly drunk, you break into the father?s gun collection and head to the school. You go into the principal?s office and make an announcement over the intercom that classes are cancelled but a party is taking place in the cafeteria. You take the principle hostage and publically humiliate him, covering his face with chocolate pudding and making him crawl over the lunch tables, barking like a dog. You exit through the computer lab, shooting up all the computers, spray painting obscenities against the principal as you leave. From that point on, most everything?s a blur until the next morning when you wake up in the local prison. You quickly realize that the party?s over. An officer stops by to inform you that although fortunately no one was injured, you and your friend did about $1,500,000.00 damage to the school and you so humiliated the principal that he didn?t come back to school the next day. Now close your eyes and try to picture yourself sitting in the holding cell. As you sober up and realize what you?ve done, you shudder. You know that you?ll spend a good portion of the rest of your life in prison. And to make matters worse, your scuzzy-looking cellmate has been looking you over a little too fondly. Just when you think matters could get no worse, the officer stops back by and says, ?Hey, I just got word of who your judge is gonna be. It?s judge Griffiths, fondly known around here as ?The Hanging Judge.? No one ever gets a break from him. You may not know him, but you probably know his son. He?s the principal at your school! That?s right, the one you totally humiliated in front of the students and faculty!? Whatever hope you had of getting off the hook has now been dashed. But then the Principal shows up with an officer, wanting to speak to you alone. He looks at you kindly and says, ?I?ve always believed in you, and I still believe in you. I?ve refused to press charges. I?m a wealthy man and will pay for all the repairs. You?re a free man.? In a moment of time, you go from hopeless despair to ecstasy. You deserved everything bad, but he gave you everything good. How would you treat that principle from now on? So, we are all miserable sinners who deserve punishment. What do we expect when we come before the righteous Judge? Punishment. But what does he offer? Grace and forgiveness. But it goes way beyond what the gracious forgiveness that the principal showed. ? Copyright 2002 Steve Miller - All Rights Reserved

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