Metallica's View of God

Since a lot of students were going nuts over Metallica, I decided to surf to some of their sites on the web and see what they were trying to communicate through their lyrics. Although their music is awesome, I found that their lyrics were obsessed with death, destruction, and the spiritual enemies of God. I began to wonder why these guys seemed to hate God so much. I may have found out at the Metallica Encyclopedia site, which not only gave their lyrics, but also supplied information on what was behind the songs. One of the songs that especially caught my eye was titled ?The God That Failed,? from their ?Black Album.? According to the site, Metallica member James wrote the song about his mom?s death from cancer. She belonged to a cult that didn?t believe in using doctors. She believed so strongly that her faith in God would heal her that she refused any medical aid and died. I suppose in James? mind, when his mom needed God the most, He didn?t come through. Maybe that explains, at least in part, his dark attitude toward life and his antagonism to God that comes across so clearly in his lyrics. ? Copyright 2002 Steve Miller - All Rights Reserved

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