Like a Mighty Army

What if people treated the army with the same commitment they treat church? (Idea: Try this as a skit.) After the close of World War II a minister asked a returned GI to speak in his pulpit one Sunday. He consented on one condition ? that the congregation would sing ?Onward Christian Soldiers.? The congregation began singing the hymn, but the GI interrupted immediately after they sang the words, ?Like a mighty army.? He began to speak. ??Like a mighty army moves the church of God? ? that might have been all right once, but the trouble now is that about ten million men know exactly how an army moves. And it doesn?t move in a way a lot of you folks do in church ? or do not move. Suppose the army accepted the lame excuses that many of you think are good enough to serve as an alibi for not attending church. Imagine this if you can: Reveille at 7:00 AM. All squads on the parade ground. The sergeant barks out, ?Count fours. One, Two, Three. Number four is missing. Where?s Private Smith?? ?Oh,? says a buddy by the vacant place, ?Private Smith was too sleepy to get up this morning. He was out late last night and he needed the sleep. He said to tell you he would be with you in spirit.? ?That?s fine,? says the sergeant, ?remember me to him.? ?Where?s Brown?? asks the sergeant. ?Oh,? says another chap, ?He?s playing golf. He only gets one day a week for recreation, and you know how important that is.? ?Sure, Sure,? says the sergeant cheerfully, ?Hope he has a good game.? ?Where?s Robinson?? ?Robinson,? explains a buddy, ?is sorry not to greet you in person, but he is entertaining guests today and, of course, couldn?t come. Besides, he was at drill last week.? ?Thank you,? says the sergeant smiling. ?Tell him he is welcome any time he finds it convenient to drop in for drill.? Honestly, now, could any conversation like that happen in any army? Don?t make me laugh! If a GI tried to pull that stuff he would get twenty days in the guard house. Yet you talk like that every week in church ? and say it with a straight face, too. Like a mighty army! Why if this church really moved like a mighty army, a lot of you folks would be court-martialled within the hour. (Source unknown) ? Copyright 2002 Steve Miller - All Rights Reserved

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